The IT support is split into two organizational parts. Operations management and administration.

Operations Management
The operations management monitors every system on the basis of availability and integrity of the server and networking devices.

The administration is the direct interface to the client. It’s the place where all your daily problems and wishes are processed.

We provide our clients with the Open Source Helpdesk System from OTRS to help them with any of their IT issues.
With the help of this system our clients can forward issues which occur during their daily business to us, which then get solved by the corresponding account manager.
The direct access to “MGN-IT // OTRS” requires an activation through the administration of MGN-IT GmbH. Permission of usage is only allowed as part of a contractual basis.

picitsupportra Remote Maintenance
Exclusively for our clients we provide a TeamViewer as remote-module. It allows us to give you a quick and easy support.